the process of taking air into your lungs

January 27, 2018
By soph11 BRONZE, Morrison, Colorado
soph11 BRONZE, Morrison, Colorado
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the arena is humid, my already queasy stomach turns
the skin tight suit claws my body
all steps i take are weak
the parents are unaware of our thoughts, only the time matters
the ascent onto the block is terrifying
while the plunge off of it is even worse
my fingertips burn and toes tingle as i push and pull
then the time has come for me to reach
time to touch the end
others catch their breath
but i can’t
i struggle, i try, but i can’t get a complete breath
my lungs in combat with my own body
the world spins
i’ve never felt like this before
then i remember what they told me
just relax
and then it’s over
it was nothing
it was only an over-reaction

The author's comments:

Just a little ago I was diagnosed with a breathing problem that affected me during my sport. It wasn't life-threatening, and it didn't happen all the time. But, the mental part of it is absolutley terrifying. You never know when it can appear, when it is going to go away, or how I am going to prevent it. I've been working hard as to how I can deal with it and it has been getting better, but it's still in my head. 

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