More Than a Bed

January 23, 2018
By GraceHoblock BRONZE, Schuylerville, New York
GraceHoblock BRONZE, Schuylerville, New York
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I have been with you since you were a child
A blonde little girl being tucked in by your parents
Never a day went by when you didn’t go to bed with a smile on your face
I watched you grow up right before my eyes
You transformed into a beautiful young lady in such a short time
As you got older you spent more time with me
But I didn’t mind because you kept me company
You would whisper your secrets to me
And tell me everything that was happening in your life
I wanted to keep you safe and protect you from the world around you
But you left me every morning
Coming back every night more tired and worn out than the last
Then one day you left
Stripped me of my clothes and packed a bag
You returned periodically
But never for long periods of time
I missed you and our conversations
I missed your smell and the way you looked
Just when I thought you were gone forever
You returned
This time with a man
He made you so happy
And the smiley girl I remembered resurfaced
Although your conversations were no longer with me
I was fulfilled just by your presence
Not long after someone else stayed with me
Another little girl kept me company
With her blonde hair and always smiling face
She looked just like you used to
And when you tucked her in at night
I could tell she was the light of your life
So she became the light of mine

The author's comments:

This piece was written in creative writing class for a personification assignment.

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