Christmas Time

January 25, 2018
By KatyaBlack SILVER, Dennison, Minnesota
KatyaBlack SILVER, Dennison, Minnesota
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Tiny snowflakes that gently hit the tip of your cold nose

White, twinkling lights around the decorated evergreen tree
Crackling sounds of the wood in the warm fireplace
Excited children merrily dancing around the tree waiting for a jolly Santa
Scents of evergreen and peppermint throughout the brisk air
Springing out of  bed, a race to the surprises that lay below
Content faces watching loved ones open their precious gifts
Decorated homes in the festive, joyful town
Joyous feelings throughout the exhilarating night
Exhausted, ready to sleep and dream of candy canes 
After the wondrous, fun-filled day of Christmas

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