January 25, 2018
By TaetaeBunny BRONZE, Adams, Massachusetts
TaetaeBunny BRONZE, Adams, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
You can turn off the sun but, I'm still gonna shine.

Where fast food chains lie on every corner of every street.
Guns can’t be seen a protection, more like a weapon in any case.

Do economic statuses define me?
Living with my parents,
Cause I can’t go and explore.
Cause I’m “Too Young”,
My religion is different.
This is a black store, miss you’re white.

I’m defined by the color of my skin,
My disabilities,
My religion,
My dad’s social class,
But what I truly am is in the parts you can’t just see.
If I’m black, I’m bad
White, I’m mad,
Asian, I have to be smart,
Religious, all the teasing on my behalf,
Play football, I’m a real man,
Read books, I’m a nerd.
Who taught you this?
Mom or Dad?
Best friend or school teacher?

I was always told not to undergo social standards
I’m too young to know
Why Hitler made the Nazi’s
And killed Millions of bodies.
And brought a bad name, to Hindi good fortune.
That all Germans are bad,
Muslims are terrorists gonna’ destroy this land.
Korea is a bad place,
Cause they think they’re connected.

My dad had priorities,
Imma raise the bar
Just cause I’m, “Too Young and Dumb”,
To help my family get ahead of the haters,
Doesn’t mean I can’t be a
Mic Dropper.

The author's comments:

I was taking a Creative Writing course this year abd I was told to make a poem about Stereotypes

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