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January 24, 2018

Do you love me or do you not
You once told me but I forgot
Love is good; but love is also pain
Your love for me went away just like the rain
Your love was gentle;your love was kind
Or was it all made up in my mind
One day I hope this will all peruse
I looked down on my body and saw a bruise
Not from you hitting me not from you kissing me
But from you always dissing me
Why did you always have to lie
Cause now I feel like i am going to die
Why did you have to go
Now it seems like life is moving slow
Do you love her more than you did me
I can only tell by what my eyes can see
I hope she don’t go through the pain I went though
That poor girl has no clue
I wish the both of you the best of luck
Cause you’ll have a new girl in a month
Why do I still care
Although my heart and eyes just can’t bare
I still love you I always have and I always will
But I guess my heart will have to deal
It’s time for me to fly
This is it my last goodbye.

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