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Neon Yellow Nearby Blue

January 23, 2018
By gieslak12 GOLD, Delafield, Wisconsin
gieslak12 GOLD, Delafield, Wisconsin
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Most see me as neon yellow.
  Bright and obnoxious,
  in your face, energetic.
  Everyone can see me, I stand out.
I am a frivolous fun finatic. 
  Scared at the thought
but you can't look away.
I, am an uncontrollable meteor falling from the sky.

Destined for destruction...

Yet in her eyes I am navy blue.
A deep, dark, and deceptive man.
To her I am sophisticated, and
intelligent, but perfect for any occasion.
Unlike anyone else she sees me,
she sees me as a strong man,
not a weak boy begging for attention.
Mature and stable like a rock.
She sees past the bright neon yellow,
through the loud noise.
She sees…me.

Navy blue.

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