The Modern Unknown World vs Me….

January 23, 2018
By Kinissack1234! BRONZE, RICHMOND, Virginia
Kinissack1234! BRONZE, RICHMOND, Virginia
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Finally, acquiring the opportunity to read and explore what has been hidden, for decades. Reading your only friend, in the ramshackle house; And searching for what I have missed, while I vanished into thin air.

Looking for knowledge; finding out the universe’s improvement; New materials arrive in the town every minute. Folks roaming in search for food and new items for their families. Thus, everyone competes for fresh and modern things;

While I’m confused by thoughts destroying the precious and innocent mind of mine. Discovering myself and reading everything I see with my eyes;

Eventually speaking to a rawgabbit (To speak confidently about a particular subject) woman and queer feels unfolding in my body. And Finally, my only “Friend” rescuing me; at last, I thought I was gaining knowledge and moving along with the community; which was an extraordinary and great thing ...

The author's comments:

I chose to write a poem about ‘’ A Young Girl Reading” because I think it’s extremely inspiring, interesting and it certainly looks realistic. Whenever I look at the picture, I quickly get a feeling that there is a message behind the painting. Even though it’s invisible, I have to motivate myself to uncover the message or the meaning behind it, by looking into it more closely.

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