January 22, 2018
By gracegonce BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
gracegonce BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
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It’s the season of rainbows
And our passionate heat evaporated all moisture
Now we’re burning up the earth
It’s not beautiful all the time
But it’s us
We are conquerors
Forever and always
We stand strong in front of Its maw
Fingers intertwined
The most simple lovers embrace
Is all we need to communicate
You ask if I feel your energy
I feel it crackling off you into my nervous system
Electrifying my senses so acutely
I can smell you wherever I go
No matter how far you are
I can see you from two hundred feet away by the way you swing your arms at your side when you walk
I remember every divot of your body
If all my senses were taken away
I could identify you by where the strings in my chest pulled me

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