Time Changed

January 19, 2018
By Pistachio GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
Pistachio GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
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A typical day,
doing my work,
just moving through the motions.
Nothing made today different:
the weather was the same,
I wasn't early or late.
Nothing would have told me today would be different.
Then, in the afternoon,
I was working, and we started talking,
I turned from my computer,
and the light hit your eyes. 
I see you everyday, but this day,
I was lost.
Time ceased to move.
I was just lost in those eyes.
It probably seemed like a second to you,
but for me, time stopped.
That look turned every surpressed emotion to come 
screaming to the surface all at once.
Everything changed because I turned,
at the exact second the light hit your eyes.
I looked away, but the emotions don't move,
they're here to stay,
screaming in my head every time I see your eyes. 

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