Leather Jacket

January 19, 2018
By kaylafaith BRONZE, Winter Garden, Florida
kaylafaith BRONZE, Winter Garden, Florida
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She's got bags packed in her mind,
waiting for the smoke to clear behind her
Trails of mascara flow down across
her face, mask of pain, take it
all away;

Good girl gone wild, shaking, aching
falling apart at the seams...
When you walk past that
"New York Girl" she keeps her head
straight down

Don't bother trying not to f*** up, problems
we all make up, pretending to be happy
wishing everything would splatter
glass across the floor,
her nails tapping at the door,
her facade got my heart shattered

My hearts already been broken and this girl
already knows it; I can take the pain and own it
but she's got this curtain around her falling
in waves to her waist
leaving her out of sight
but never out of my mind

I mess around, I get around,
try to pull her out
she stays inside and washes the scars away
Girl loves a good cover girl but she's got nothing
worth the heights she'd take to her demise

Mannerisms charming; phone calls
always alarm me

Smile like the daylight,
catch me off guard in the daytime
I bet the moon beams could brighten up her
every rainy day
but she stays in the closet with her shoes
and tries to protect the broken wings she's
been hiding inside her leather jacket.

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