Have A Great Summer

January 19, 2018
By Millie! BRONZE, Pound Ridge, New York
Millie! BRONZE, Pound Ridge, New York
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Rosey cheeks and big eyes
Press against a window.
Hot and sticky, the skin slowly peels off the side
Leaving a little greasy smudge.
I look up
To see the gleaming, golden sun hanging in the sky
Like a medal.
I feel its rays kiss the surface of my smooth skin
And fill my eyes with the chubbiness of my cheeks
As my lips curl up
and form a smile
Summer is like relatives,
Always arriving late
But knowing you will see them fills the empty space of waiting
With suspense.
Summer is almost here
just two blocks away,
Summer can't wait to get out of the car
It just needs to stretch the stiffened bones
From the long winter frost
Those summer romances will bud like flowers
And the story begins on a fresh page
Soon i'll be writing HAGS in everyone’s yearbook
That's how they will remember me
Soon summer will leave
Sticking its hand outside the window
To wave its last goodbye.
We don't track summer day by day
But story but story.
These memories will last longer than the shells we collected on the beach.
Summer goes as quickly as you say it
And “I'll see you next year” has become my catchphrase

The author's comments:

This piece is about what summer means to me and how special of a time it is. 

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