The Girl at School

January 20, 2018
By e5han BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
e5han BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
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The girl at school wants a simple life
So she always clings close to a knife
And supplied her enemies with strife

Standing a foot too tall she shrieked "you
Don't choose, you don't tell me what to do
I'll be my own team if I want to"

Following the darkness came a tax
Head on the floor she hit a climax
Her luck burned as she tried to relax

She's nothing but an innocent teen
But she was shot dead behind a screen
A girl never again to be seen

A close ally turned adversary
She had voiced words too big to bury
Envy's intent should be ever scary

Jumped off a building into her dread
The mom found a small note on the bed
Exclaiming her distress was shed

Tried doing right and innocent crow
And still lived to become her old foe
Was it worth it? She will never know

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