November 15

January 17, 2018
By Vincent_Casetti BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Vincent_Casetti BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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November 15
I sit in my blind,
on a chilly November day,
watching the cloud of my breath travel.
Sitting and waiting to accomplish what
I've set out for:the one.
The sun begins to set,
I leave.

I sit in my blind,
the following evening.
The leaves are beginning to change their colors,
from green to the red, orange, and yellow of fall.
The orange sky of the resting sun begins to appear,
I head in disappointed with the lack of action.

I sit in my blind,
the next evening.
Listening to the squawking of crows,
drifting off into my dreams as I wait.
Again, the sky dims and I head in.

I sit in my blind,
the following day.
My spirits are low.
I watch the red, orange, and yellow leaves fall
that were once green a few days ago.
I sit and I wait...

Suddenly, a large majestic buck makes his way into the open.
I sit in my blind and watch him,
my eyes are glued to him paying attention to every move.
I sit in my blind getting into position,
my heart begins to race as I get ready.
I sit in my blind while my adrenaline rushes.

I am ready, sitting here in my blind.
I am filled with an overwhelming feeling of warmth,
a smile crosses my face for I have accomplished my goal

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