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Nature's Remark

January 18, 2018
By TeagG BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
TeagG BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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Would you still go to a waterfall if there was no water?
Just the crude rock formation behind what sits that glorious flowing elegance of elements
You wouldn’t hear the roaring of the tons of water that flows over it everyday
A constant sound for inconsistent motion
What would be your stay?
Would it be the emeralds strategically placed around the basin of water before you
Disguised, just rocks covered in moss
Too heavy for your greedy hands to take
Would it be the be the lickets of molten gold strewn across the top of the water
The reflection of the sun shines not as bright as the sun itself
But looks the same
You’re too impatient to wait for it to cool off before trying to rip it from it’s home that it only comes to when the sun says goodbye in the evening
Those scars will be a reminder
A lesson will be learned
You’re lucky the water you’re standing in doesn’t swallow you whole like the earth in the universe
Never to be found again
A lesson
Greed is dying before you’re buried
Nature is a gem to never be rushed or hurried

The author's comments:

Nature should be appreciated more

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