The Stars

January 14, 2018
By Anna Jankowski BRONZE, SPARKS, Maryland
Anna Jankowski BRONZE, SPARKS, Maryland
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I am in love with the stars. They are truly intoxicating. Just to look up and know that there are endless possibilities above you. There are other worlds and people and you and your mess is so tiny is more comforting that any glade candle scent I have ever witnessed. Yet, they're beauty comes at a price. I've realized: I am a star. We never cease to explode; to let our complicate emotion shine through. We are never constant. Always changing, frustrating and illuminating everything around us. We are completely complicated and not a simple substance. We continually blow ourselves up in order to give light to the ones below. We are restless and constantly explore the galaxies around us. We can never be confined to one space. And sometimes, when it seems like we are shining our brightest, we really don't exist at all.

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Galaxy, Poetry, Introspection

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