The Eruption

January 14, 2018
By Daniiellrose BRONZE, Beverly Hills, California
Daniiellrose BRONZE, Beverly Hills, California
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She burst in the night, and seared through the town,
Orange and crimson coating the ground.
Try to run with not a place to hide,
She’s coming for the dead and for the alive.
Books and pages cast up in ashes,
Piles of bodies, broken into patches,
Merchant or Noble she didn’t mind,
They all taste the same, when they’re combined.
Shells of skin peeled from their bones,
Whaling children  p  r  i  e  d  from their homes.
She rose through cracks like chimney fuels,
No man would dare attempt A battle or duel.
Our fates were sealed by the fiend in black,
She slithered the earth seeping into every crack.
She watched them jolt like fish on land,
Laughing as she played, Their lives in her hand.
Husbands wielded wives, and used them as shields.
But she grew bored of this game, it had lost its appeal.
No longer human, they became beasts,
She got what she wanted, a crispy feast.

Then she let out one last final ROAR,
And left them in ruins they could not restore.

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