Path To Hell

January 17, 2018
By Ericakingj BRONZE, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania
Ericakingj BRONZE, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania
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Space can be so near, yet far and endless.
Time grows out of reach, like a winding weed.
It’s a victim to all, always friendless.
Although, it continues to search and breed.
No one can stop the path of time and space.
No revisions can be made for one's life.
Keeping a secure grip on god and grace
Spreading told lies to Him in afterlife
Do not expect to be the forgiven,
For something unforgivable at worst.
A mistake was made by own soul driven.
Your self remorse now has you wholly cursed.

The author's comments:

Time is constantly giving up on humans themselves. We are on a repeated cycle of losing time. I would like people to not give up on eachother because it is going to come to a day where you are going to lose the time that you once thought was endless.

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