January 17, 2018
By Anonymous

For the longest of time, I’ve been pen ink blue.
Hard to convey myself
and hard for others to understand me.
I’m misunderstood…
Knowing I made mistakes, knowing I can do better, and knowing what to do…
Just like the hard surface of a cookie, many have never gotten a taste of who I am.
At the sound of Ariel’s voice, I’m much like a baker’s golden crisp cookie.
Leaking my true self like chocolate chips melting down the cookie,
Sharing the soft and crisp stories unfolding in my life,
and savoring the every part of a conversation as if it was one of a kind.
Beyond most people’s belief, I’m more of a golden crisp color.
Baking to that state through many attempts and hardships,
baking to make others just as good, or even better,
and baking to inspire others to reach their golden brown potential.

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