Something must be done

January 8, 2018
By 831395 BRONZE, St.Louis, Missouri
831395 BRONZE, St.Louis, Missouri
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I am fourteen

And my phone has betrayed me

The iphone i can not live without

It makes me unable to put it down

How come im so obsessed

What if i die

Before getting my first phone everything was normal

Things will never be the same

I have to learn how

To put my phone down 

In order to finish chores

Suppose i start failing

All my classes and my room

becomes a pigstock

Something has to be done

Because if not then im afraid

Things will never be the same

No one ever stops to think about

How hard it is to live without a phone

I should always have the newest iphone

My fingers just cant seem to stop texting

I cant live without it

I need help because if i dont

reveive it because if i dont

then things will never be the same

The author's comments:

This poem relates to me on a huge level about not being able to put my phone down. I almost starting failing some of my grades, and my room became messier then usual.

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