gadjet monsters

January 8, 2018
By Anonymous

I was walking through the never-ending street

Until I stopped in front of an apple factory that was as big as a 10,000-year-old forest

As I walked inside I went through big fat door

Inside there were trillions of stacked boxes that look like there's pizza inside them

Instead, they were Ipads,iPhones,iPods, and many other gadgets ready to feed a trillion hungry monsters.

The gadgets were very tasty monsters ate them in a single gulp.

The gadgets were ready to fight back too by making the monsters addicted to them they hypnotize them like crazy little poop.

By the time the world ends the crazy monster was defeated

When the crazy monster was defeated they would go back and recharge their energy by going to their ultrasonic charger

By the next morning, they were as energetic as a great big ape

The author's comments:

none just read and enjoy 

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