The Center of the Yolk

January 8, 2018
By bitemewhenimgay BRONZE, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
bitemewhenimgay BRONZE, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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A manipulative, hypocritical brute
Claiming women through collars of pearls
Craving the endless red
Containing loyalty only to his image
Resisting of learning from the past
And waiting for others to clean up his mess

A beautiful girl who is seemingly a fool
Used her white exterior to hide the yellow soul
Playing with the past
While yearning to runaway
Terrified to leave behind wealth
And waiting for others to clean up her mess

A man within a man
Clinging to the moment of his creation
Full of green for a bloomed flower
Reaching back five years
Destroying all his raw potential
For something that was never truly his

Searching for a better opportunity
Living the life he despises
Sharing the story of a man only he knew
The only one to loathe the yellow within the white
Holding a plague of unbiasedness till it is too late
Losing faith in all he ever knew



All out of their place
Never truly fitting in
Unable to stay for long
And at the centre of the yolk

The author's comments:

I created this poem for an English project called Creatice Gatsby. Each stanza is about one of the four characters that I found important and the last describes them all. I took both elements from the book and from the movie (2011 ver).

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