Deceased Love

January 6, 2018
By , Brentwood, TN

We want to see ourselves to truly see ourselves because we are afraid that no one will want to see us. We try to fill the emptiness that stays there in the corner, staring at us non stop. A sense of inclusion is what we want yet in our delusional state, it all one big swirl of confusion. The fog brought down from the heavenly sky has clouded my judgment of this planet. That I will never be loved the way our ancestors did. I seek to love myself yet at the same time feel as if it’s not enough. Around like beggars on the streets of South India, I seek refuge in the hearts of others but not even in mine. I try to replace my heart with another. I ask you to care to at least notice a human in front of you. I want you to see myself, to comfort me in a world of hatred of senseless creatures. In the end, there is no place to move. Every square inch of the planet is covered without love for me. I look into the reflection in front of me and don’t recognize the soul. No one truly sees me. Not even me. Love sharpens love like iron sharpens iron. No love in this world to sharpen the love in my soul. No love found here.

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