January 5, 2018
By Giuliana Cicchetti BRONZE, Rochester Ny, New York
Giuliana Cicchetti BRONZE, Rochester Ny, New York
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You say you love me but you broke up our family, you say you miss me but you won't let me free. I tried to scrub your heavy words off my skin but every time tears run down my chin. You left me dead inside. Its like you injected self doubt into my vains, circulating throughout my body. Your words still remain. In my head , they left a permanent stain. It's because of you I feel no one cares, no one loves me as you once said. You persuaded me that it was true, you left me feeling blue, the pain from the words left my heart forever tender. Yes you left cuts and bruises they healed but its the words I'll always remember. You left me not knowing who I am anymore, it makes me think how sick you are. You used me and when you were done you threw me out . Your own daughter. You left my heart an open wound that will never be fixed because the thought of you. You're the reason I have trust issues and the reason I've gone through tons of tissues.

The author's comments:

My dad was never there for me, only when he wanted to get a girlfriend, he used me like bait. He abused me. No one should ever have to go through what I did. I'm changing my life around , poetry inspires me to keep going everday!

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