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Ode To My Piano

January 4, 2018
By rmle6655 BRONZE, Knoxville, Tennessee
rmle6655 BRONZE, Knoxville, Tennessee
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Symbolic of my past,

my present,my future.

A time machine, picture frame,

scrapbook of my childhood.


It is poverty, but also rich.

It is life, but also death.

It is an angel from God.

Standing like a war veteran


It sounds like dead rain,

symbolic of beauty and passion.

It is a birthday party in fall.

A boat on the pacific.


It is a magnet of love,

a bygone for the broken.

It is freedom from the binding.

A musical disposal of stress.


It is socially uncontemporary, 

but undeniably opulent in my mind.

Holding memories when my mind

is too full, Everlasting Grand.

The author's comments:

When writing this, I felt very challenged because I had never written and Ode, or any type of poetry, before. When my English teacher gave me this assignment, I felt very out of place, but I wanted to make the reader feel something. So, I decided to write about an object that is out of place, but still makes me feel something. 

My grand piano, that my family got when I was six years old, is on it last leg. It is so old and worn, and no one ever plays it because it is so out of tune. (Hence the term "dead rain"). Although its considered "junk" to other people, it hold alot of memories for me, and if I think back through my childhood, it has always been there. Through deaths in the family, holidays, and sucess, its always been there; absorbing anything that comes it's way.

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