Her Demons

January 4, 2018
By Rouge BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Rouge BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Her soul holds no anger. No more.
She lost it in her fight, her battle, her war.
Her fight against her demons, a fight she never won, A battle she persists in, a war without no end.
Having fought for so long,
Her enemies and she became one.
Not knowing the difference between right and wrong
Her angels no longer sing its beauty song
The cards of life she was dealt were horrible and crude
Her demons thrive in her cold clamped heart and horrible mood
Every time she’s in the wrong, pulls a con, steals and then is gone
Her virtues, morals, and angels fall, and her demons cheer her on.
The girl she once was is lost in the churning sea of evil and greed
The evil began as a harmless little seed
But grew from the bitter tears and devastating fears
Into the forever raging evil that captures love and tears, and sears
Beware what you feed your harmless little seed
Because the evil inside will prosper and grow until it escapes or is freed

The author's comments:

This poem is about how one can succumb to depression and anger. How when you do that you begin to become something your not. Slowly everything that makes you, you is gone and you don't recognise yourself. This poem is a way for me to warn people not to succumb and try to rise over jeoulusy, hatred, and anger. To be who they are without fearing their demons.

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