In My Mind

January 12, 2018
By MikkiFinch BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
MikkiFinch BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
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I’m sitting in a cage.
And all around me a war rages on.
Guns firing and people falling.
I can see my friends
Either dead or choking on their own blood
I can see me.
Trying to lift them up and carry them to safety

But they die before they get there
And there’s nothing I can do to stop it.
I can see myself crying.

I scream and tear at my own skin
Trying to remove myself from my body.
This cage
My jail.

I’m held captive in myself
With only my memories
To keep me company
To remind me that I’m living

I don’t see things in the present
Only the past
So it makes it hard to look forward to the future

My body is my cage
My memories are my captors
And I can’t break free
Or move on

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