A pacifist in a mad man's world

January 12, 2018
By Bobberdaman BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
Bobberdaman BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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In a City when the streets ran overgrow,
And the monkeys ran rampant with evil in desire,
A lonely horse evicted of the peaceful meadow,
Forced to live in a city driven with evil,
Forced to live in a city where pacifistism is a death sentence,

And as the horse strode in on that faithful day life drained from his eyes,
Seeing monkeys bludgeon each other and blood drain down the street,
The horse traded its last belongings for a roof house,
The horse started his own cabbage patch on that very roof,

The horse lied down in his cabbage patch finding peace in a chaotic world.

The author's comments:

This is how I see the world around us, but instead of me I used a horse not a reaven.

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