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The kiss of Jack Frost

January 9, 2018
By Samnathabud BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
Samnathabud BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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The ice cold water kissing my skin like if jack frost had been there
The passion of what used to be a huge part of my life, like what me and my sister use to share
The want and need but yet can't have
It’s as if you wake on the day before christmas but knowing santa has not been there
Knowing you lost the battle you've been fighting for too long
But yet I sit here, breathing what feels like the last bit of oxygen left in the cruel world
Nothing I can do, Nothing I can say
No one will grab me from drowning under the sinking oil i've been pulled into
I try and catch myself from the cliff, I jumped off of nothing realizing the length of the fall
But yet I still want but can't have
The craving like a fresh dripping dragon fruit, breathing fire like if it wasn't even a fruit
What was it? There will never be a simple answer just a complicated math question that is to complicated for even a professor to solve
So how can a simple person like me solve such a hard equation
In your mind, it's easier to just take a shot of the bleach you have indulged yourself with
Why fight for someone who couldn't even see who cared the most
FINE.. be alone. Get your christmas gift when you want it
Treat me like a tic tac toe game
Nothing new=
Back to to what I was saying but yet this time there was no jack frost, there was just the sinking feeling of death creeping up behind your shoulder
Just take your last breath and let go slowly

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