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Desire To Fit In

November 12, 2017
By Anonymous

Why do it feel like the world is going end when you stop caring about what people say and think. Maybe I just used to care so much about the wrong things and not the right ones. Maybe it's time to show my true colors the ones that will have everybody melting like butter. I wonder is they ready to see the fire in my eyes and Instead of the desire to run away. Each day I grow stronger knowing one day I won't be alive anymore. But that won't stop me from telling my story of Pain lies and heartache. They tell us at a young age that we don't know what love is but everybody has their own meaning and definition of love to me love is giving your all to the person you think is your soulmate but then again there's no such thing as a soulmate because you could marry somebody and just like that you could be divorce broken up split into two so now to me love is just nothing a four letter word that people use to abuse their power but how can you know what love is you don't get love the way you supposed to and bad childhood home soon turns into dark ends and girls open their legs for a desire to fit in and when they get in they leave their skin. Not so innocent when having sex with older men and giving them your all before it all end. But at the end of your desire to fit in and get fill with the love of married man stands the world that criticize you about all the bad you did when you just need love to feel that abandoned apartment. Most woman dont get far thinking about the bad you did them. But one thing leads to another and y'all back in the same bed again praying that one day this all make sense.. As he try to make sense of the gravitational pull you trying get your words together to pronounce the word baby. It all doesn't all go to bad till he hit you with the excuses of not being the dad. But looking back this never wouldn't have happened if I didnt have that desire to fit in

The author's comments:

The pain I went through broke me and I want to help others

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