The opposites

December 26, 2017
By Shania Valentine BRONZE, Hampshire Ill, Illinois
Shania Valentine BRONZE, Hampshire Ill, Illinois
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Water and fire join together,
To destroy the enemy of their love.
Although some thought,
They would get lost,
They battled and fought hard.
The girl was smart,
And very tough,
She was the most beautiful of them all.
She conquered her doubt,
And would not stop,
Until she got what she desired.
She believed in her dreams.
And did not waste her time,
On pointless little things.
She was the greatest warrior they've ever had,
God’s hand was on her head.
Justice was the name they called her,
Faith was the sword that hung by her side.
Her hair was covered in glorious honor,
She was God's favorite child.
Now hear me powerless enemy,
If she spoke about anything,
She’ll speak into existence.
If she said anything with power,
You better pay attention and listen.
If she prays for her dream,
Prepare for it to come true.
And if she believes in something untenable,
How bad I feel for you.
This girl can create waves,
Waves that touch the sun.
I wouldn't cross her.
Some say when she sung,
The lost began to fall.
Now the boy at times seemed quiet,
His mind was gone,
And it seemed as if he was dying.
Although that, my friend, is a lie.
This boy could rattle the stars.
He could grab the moon and shred it apart,
If only one would dare him to.
He could rip the very ground,
You somehow think is yours,
And snatch it right from under you.
This boy is a powerhouse,
When he spoke to others,
They too became like him.
He was creating an army,
That could destroy your land,
Because he is in the Master's plan.
My oh my do I feel sad for you,
For when God lights his match,
You can’t get in his path.
I understand why you're terrified of him,
And I know why you’ve tried kill him, you see,
All you've done is caused him to be tired.
You’ve made him tired of all your games,
And when he wakes,
You better get out his way,
Because he's coming after you.
The boy and girl were created for each other,
She is the water to put out his blaze.
The girl is steady and smooth,
But could drown a whole continent too.
The boy is the fire, fast and furious,
You can't stop him when is aflame.
When they work together,
Families are revived;
Youth who were broken are complete.
When they are together,
I see with my own eyes,
They make the devil flee.
And how grateful I am,
To be able to call,
These mighty emperors,
My mom and dad. 

The author's comments:

This WAS present for my parents.

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