December 25, 2017
By witchesbwizards BRONZE, San Jose, California
witchesbwizards BRONZE, San Jose, California
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I live in a bubble

It is my haven, my home, my sanctuary

I am free to dance as high as the birds fly

To sing as loud as the wind howls

In my bubble, I am full of joy, elation

I am happy.

Why do you take that away from me?

You come along, strutting like you own the world

You don't.

You see me living peacefully in my bubble

And you pop it


Let me ask you


Was it rage?

Rage growing like lava in a volcano, rage so red, so dark you could not see

Were you mad that someone found greater happiness than you have ever known?

Then, perhaps it was jealousy

Maybe spite?

Or did you just do it for fun?


When you popped my bubble,

tore the walls of my home apart,

ripped my beating heart from my chest,

did you feel the smallest sense of


Did you hesitate for a second, falter in your steps?

Did you look at the mess you created and feel a twinge of remorse?


Or did you take my heart because you had none?


When you popped my bubble,

I fell

from the sky

and hit the ground



And when I opened my eyes again,

the world was different





And when I opened my eyes,

the illusion I had created for myself





Like the children who wake in an unknown world

where everyone is staring at them,

they only know to


So I did too.

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