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I Prefer

January 5, 2018
By katied6435 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
katied6435 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I Prefer
I prefer good people to bad people
I prefer cold to warm
I prefer staying up late to going to bed early
I prefer talking in person to using the phone
I prefer good moods to bad moods
I prefer being happy over being sad
I prefer Fridays to all other days
I prefer October to July
I prefer thunderstorms to snowstorms
I prefer snow to sun
I prefer volleyball over softball
I prefer love over hate
I prefer dogs to cats
I prefer walking to running
I prefer hard work over no work
I prefer music to movies
I prefer christmas to thanksgiving
I prefer Kroger water over Ice Mountain water
I prefer life to death
I prefer thinking that people need people
I prefer thinking that people need people
I prefer believing in faith over facts

The author's comments:

what I prefer doing or thinking.

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