Forgotten Nature

December 31, 2017
By mavismook BRONZE, Singapore, Other
mavismook BRONZE, Singapore, Other
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Prose says to me, let's build something long and lasting.

Poetry takes me by the hand, and whispers, come with me, let's get lost for awhile.

Nature; a forgotten part of my life
I never fail to
trample on it with strife
The destruction we wreak
The horrors we bring
Nature is once again weeping

The wildlife cries out
The flowers bloom and fade with a tear
Yet we have turned oblivious
to their pleas and sighs

We take what we need
But never return the favour
Depleting its sources,
and wringing it dry
Have we taken too much?
Is it too late?
Only time will tell whether we have
caused Nature to wither and abate

Has the vibrancy of the flowers
lost their hold on us?
Do we no longer stop when animals
cry out in perfect harmony?
Nature’s vast beauty is wasted on us
As she wails in agony

My childhood; my memories
Slowly being erased
By the destruction of man
I have forgotten, the comfort it gave me
Taken it for granted, the fresh air we breathe
Nature, I am sorry

The author's comments:

I was inspired to pen this poem after walking a Nature Trail near my home. It dawned on me how easily we forget about Nature, take it for granted, and don't even realize when we are destroying it. This poem is a regretful poem after a man has realized just how much destruction he has caused to Nature. I am sure we have all taken comfort in Nature before, yet have we ever taken a step back to see how Nature is slowly ebbing away?

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