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Giraffe: The Final Year

December 20, 2017
By Rachelle-Mae PLATINUM, Gb, New Jersey
Rachelle-Mae PLATINUM, Gb, New Jersey
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I'm not gonna lie

When I declare the ending to this
But the past four years
Was a period of time that i honestly did not want to miss


Her actions overshadowed
Like a curse of darkness
Standing by her friends
Looking so heartless


Talks, tests, and types
Were all that went away
The courage that supporters gave me
Stayed in the path of “someday”


What is left from her and her teasing
Showed the strength that I hold
To reach my goals and dreams
Feeling like the worth of gold


Thank you, Giraffe
For the hardest years
My emotional dedication
Left me in tears


Tears of joy
Because I’ve come so far
This series of solidity and power
Will be held in my future memoir.

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