Tragically Beautiful

December 19, 2017
By rly.clxire BRONZE, Kingston, Washington
rly.clxire BRONZE, Kingston, Washington
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I feel as if I've come down with a horrid illness,
Something worse than the stomach flu, or the common cold
More like a type of cancer;
Slow like a snail, but deadly like a snakes bite
Sometimes, I feel fine, normal
Like a horse laying down on a stretch of grass or a dog enjoying the summer breeze
People tell me,
"It's just part of being a teenager"
But my feelings are deeper than any ocean and stronger than any force
I can control it, but sometimes it comes crashing down, like Jenga blocks
Understanding me is like forcing pigs to fly; simply impossible
The sickness got worse the day my best friend left without even saying goodbye
I felt broken, like a toothpick being snapped in half
Helpless, like watching someone being hurt
Deep down, in my darkest ocean, I know it's for the best
We've grown, and set each other free
I've come to terms with the fact that I'm just happy I got to be a part of his life
For now, I'll just be broken
Like a mirror that's been dropped too many times
When I'm ready, I'll get the super glue
But for now, I'll just be Tragically Beautiful

The author's comments:

I suffer from depression, and because of this, I have always had problems emotionally connecting with people.I ended up meeting a guy in my ap english class, and he was just like me. We became close and we began to date. There were things he tried to hide from me, things that caused him pain, things he didn't want me to know about. He kept all these things inside and one day, it just became too much. He went missing from school, didn't show up. Finally, I got a hold of his parents number and called them. It turns out, at the time I called, he had just commited suicide after years of secrets and depression. At age 15 he became an alcoholic, and was fighting with drugs. There were so many things he was struggling with, it just got to be too much. I'm a teenager, but I do know what love is. He was my first love. I wroite this the night it happened. I'm a songwritter, not a poet, so it's kind of rough. In memory of him, rest in peace baby.

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