December 22, 2017
By Anonymous

I am not worth saving
I am not worth the air that I breathe
I am not worth chasing
And I am not worth the love I receive

Depression can cut like a knife
And strangle your neck like a noose
Depression can deprive you of life
And make living too hard to choose

Is it selfish to want to be happy
When being happy means to no longer cry
Is it selfish to want to be free
When being free means that I have to die

The pills they provide are placebos
The sanctuary they supply is sinful
Is it too much to ask to be free though
Of a world, that is oh so woefull

My mind is a whirlwind of emotions
Most of them not even real
How can I be so sad
This isn't the way I should feel

Wake up

The thoughts that I have are illusions
These feelings of sorrow and dread
Are simply emotional hallucinations
I am more than a mental intrusion

I am worth being saved
I am worth the air that I breathe
And I will no longer be a slave
To something so vile and obscene

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