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December 22, 2017
By HIGGmoney SILVER, Bloomington, Minnesota
HIGGmoney SILVER, Bloomington, Minnesota
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They sat there
They always sat there
Souls as black as their eyes that stare at me
Feelings of complete loneliness
Came to overtake me
Though not human, they laughed as if
Joking at me
Taunting at me
For I hoped they were a myth
But shadows are no myths
And they will not be friends either
They will walk with you
And stay with you
But only in complete horror
They creep as cats
Black as the fur
Maybe too dark to see
Maybe too dark to be
There world versus ours
Will never compete
For if compared to war
We’re in complete defeat
So run I say
And never stay with them
For when they have you
They’ll keep you
And you’ll be stuck with them forever.

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