Peripheral Vision

December 21, 2017
By julietcahow BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
julietcahow BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
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The unseen edges of slamming doors, shattered hearts, splintered window panes.
Half and half images of lonesome street corners, panging chests, 
Unwholesome residences.
Steps straightforward, life in a linear direction, 
The blurred sidelines of existence consistently ignored,
Only to be seen in the nonexistence of
Peripheral vision.

Clarity is a rare subject, beauty is paper thin,
Both of which are abolished when concentration grows into a vital vein running through our skin,
When the only lessons to be learned lie outside of our focus, 
When we leave life to be lived by our bleary,
Peripheral vision.

Mother, separated from son,
Person, separated from humanity,
Home split into two.
Differences turned to foggy misconceptions,
Choices misunderstood…
These things are pushed aside.
We instead let our problems lie,
Only in our peripheral vision,
The things we claim to have never seen,
The things that don’t simply dissipate because we choose to wear blinders.

I see people on their way to places, purpose in their stride,
You see people on their way to places, purpose in their pride…
No one sees
Brokenness, heartache,
Things hard to appreciate.
No one sees
The girl that carries loss, how she seems to only create chaos,
The boy who shines his problems over with gloss. 
No one sees
No one sees
We wear blinders. 
We choose not to see what lies in our
Peripheral vision.

We walk on a power line, 
But when asked, we say we’re fine.
Our lives are explosive, our choices corrosive,
But everybody says these things about us,
Only deserve to exist in peripheral vision.

People tell you, people tell me,
But it is time that we tell people.
Time to tell people to see through our eyes, to look our lives, 
To run their hands down our battle scars, to understand that we’ve run far.

It is only when you turn to the sun which holds the power to consume,
When you widen your eyes so your vision may swallow the stars…
When you look at the river-stones, take in the rainbows, gaze out of windows,
That you learn to live life by exposing what wonders you see in your
Peripheral vision.

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