The Girl Before you

December 20, 2017
By ari465 GOLD, Burbank, Illinois
ari465 GOLD, Burbank, Illinois
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"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible."-Audrey Hepburn

I’m the girl no one seems to notice
The girl who has supposedly been in all these quarrels
The girl who lets her heart wander
The girl who doesn’t smile much anymore
The girl who really doesn’t know

People know me as a therapist almost
The girl who has been through the most
The girl who always knows what to do, at any given time
The girl who can help others with anything
But can’t even help herself

Turns out this girl I am called
Isn’t all true
The girl you hear of is not much
No one really knows the real girl
No one including me


The lies, the truths
They all seem to be the truth
And this girl doesn’t know how to tell
Tell how everything really is
But the thing is, how many lies have I been told?

To know the truth
You would have to sit down with me
The 5 seconds in the hall won’t cover anything
The real me needs to feel a connection
A connection to know if you actually bother with my story

I’m not a person to be fooled easily
I know when you are lying
I know when you need a laugh
I know when I am needed
And I most definitely know when I’m not

So please,
If you are just here to see
And not actually know
Then spare my breath, it does not deserve to be wasted no longer
Too much has been wasted of me already

The author's comments:

This piece partially describes me, but not all

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