Inside Her Head

December 15, 2017
By Emma Bilbo BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
Emma Bilbo BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
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Monsters in my head
“We are your friends” they had said

Call it what you may
They are here until I pay

Until I pay the debts
Caused by my biggest regrets

So I pay two-fold
But I grow ever cold

From the secrets I have heard
And the lies that I incurred

Shadows of the Night

There are shadows in the night
Stirring up trouble
Causing me fright

They haunt me till I scream
“Get out! Get out!” I say
But in keeping me company
They seem quite keen

These shadows are thoughts
And they have me caught

In an never ending cycle of pain
Because I know I am the one to blame

“Come close, and we will give you comfort”
But they lie
And do nothing of the sort

When will these shadows go a-flight?
These shadows of the night?

Mini Me

I keep her locked in a cage
That puts her into quite a rage

She fights to be let out
To accomplish her mission
To spread throughout

But I won't let her free
Because she wants to destroy me

Not today or any other day
So she finds another way

Another way of attack
To get me back

She infiltrates my mind
She goes back in time

She makes me remember
That December

When I made the decision
The inquisition

To never go back
To the way I was before
Because I wanted more

Little did I know
Down the wrong path I was to go
Down into darkness

And there she was
Lying in wait
The hand of fate

The author's comments:

These poems are all emotionally connected to events in my life. To me, that is what poetry entails. Raw emotion. A way to express ourselves through flowing words that may at times only have a known meaning to ourself. I have walked paths of life that have not been pleasant. We all have. These are my words, a piece of my story.

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