How it used to be

December 15, 2017
By Anonymous

How it used to be. Back in the day cruising with my friend having a good time and laughing it out. Life was so good I couldn’t figure it out.

The street lights and bright lights flashing in the streets, making you wonder what your destination might be.

The best part of it was that you enjoyed spending time with your friends and time flew by like the months skipped May.

Being home in a hurry without any worry because east side, is my side and nothing can hurt me as long as God & I are side by side.

Friends always had your back and you knew there was nothing that could hold them back because once you're together there’s never bad weather.

Life back in San Jose is something I’ll never forget. I’ll always remember just how it used to be.

The author's comments:

What inspired be to do this poem is that I miss the times I used to hang out with my friends. Since I moved to another city, I started to think about the times when we would hang out and it was fun.  

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