Grave robber

December 15, 2017
By Zelan Anderson BRONZE, Lowell, Massachusetts
Zelan Anderson BRONZE, Lowell, Massachusetts
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Your love is a cemetery
Your try to bring life back with your patch me up flowers
This is not a wound this is death
It can't be reversed
But you still attempt to be the angel
You attempt to resurrect me
You think you can jump start my heart with your touch
For the purpose to wear me around your arm like a hand bag made from a dead animal
Bring me to a party show me off
Then you discard me I'm back at this cemetery
Where you think everything returns back to the way it was
Thinking others will see nothing but life dancing around this idea of death
To the fool they see a field of flowers
But to the keen eye they see the rotting flesh that lies beneath the decorated ground
They see what you did to me
They see how your treated everyone of your victims
YouQ tried to play your delusions as a dream but in reality you are a heart crusher a grave robber
You are stuck in the past trying to bring back life in a place of the dead
Burn my bones and forget as I have forgotten
I wish not to return to your side
To your mind
To your life
Now go
This is my cemetery now
I am no longer yours
You are not welcome here
You are not permitted to walk the grounds of the mistreated unloved devirginized bits of bones that lay under this cold blanket of earth
You are forbidden
You are a criminal
You are a murderer
And you know what they say dark secrets always surface when the time is right
Till then await your fate someplace else

The author's comments:

I'm sick of people settling for lovers who do nothing but dehumanize them. Stand up and love yourself don't let anyone have any control over you

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