The left behind

December 18, 2017
By ZiraB BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
ZiraB BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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From the song that I sing to my day to day life it is always changing even if just slight.
From the toon of a song to the thought of a memory new thing are always abundant.
No matter what you might think even if you can't tell life is changing all around  and it doesnt care if it is acknowledged or not it just keeps going.

And over time some feel they have been left behind  with in a thought within a memory.
They may realize that over time time seems to go faster and faster and faster.
They realize it is because of all they to and how pack in a day.
And they know it is not the world that left them behind it is that they left it.

In the dust left behind of the world the time that just keeps going.
They know they aren't the only ones left by the time the world the economy.
Knowing they are not alone in there endeavor there are many like them.

Yet left by many thing they live on.
With the others like them
Searching finding  more like them finding a different life.
They live on with or without the common.

The author's comments:

I wrote this as a class asingment I chose this stile because it felt to be the easyer one for me. When I was writing this I started with some thing that seemed obeous and went with the flow thinking and typing. The thing is I have felt left out many times befor and then I come across others like me. I feel it is important to realize you are not alone there is always some one in the same situation you just need to look.

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