This is to you

December 17, 2017
By rachelz17 BRONZE, Englewood, Colorado
rachelz17 BRONZE, Englewood, Colorado
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This is to you

To you,
Who has ever hurt someone
Who loved you
Saying sorry, I don’t care

To you,
Who has ever lied to someone
Who was honest
Saying well things just changed

To you,
Who has betrayed
A loyal person
Saying well, I love her again

To you,
Who fakes everything
Towards an authentic person
Saying one day, this will work for us

To you,
Who ignores
The past and all of the good times
Saying sorry, but we can’t do this anymore

To you,
Who is ignorant
Who is dismissive
Who is oblivious
To all the pain
You have caused

This is for you
who has hurt innocent people
for your own self indulgence
This is to you

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece to anybody who has ever wronged another person. It is harsh on purpose. I wrote it with repetition of the lines "this is to you" similarly to how one would give a toast. I wanted the tone to be almost congratulatory towards the offender. The italics are quotes from someone who has wronged me. I put in quotes from him of all the ones that play in my mind over and over again because they are the most painful. I hope you like this! Maybe it will even make you think of someone who has hurt you.

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