He May Be Strict

December 17, 2017
By kreitmeyer BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
kreitmeyer BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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He may be strict, but I know his intentions are good
He’s watching my health, making sure I heal, trying to keep me
safe from disease
I may be upset because I can’t go to the movies or go to the fair
with my friends
But I know it will be worth it when I don’t have to spend nights
in the hospital instead
He makes sure I get what I need, and if something is wrong he
will do whatever it takes to make it better
He’s not always on time and will occasionally make me wait,
But it’s always funny to see him run in, putting on his white coat
in a rush
I know I’m not the only one he helps, but the way he speaks 
makes me feel like his main priority is me
He has saved me from close calls, from pain, and unneeded hospital
All because he is strict, and that’s okay with me

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