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Overwhelming Feelings

November 26, 2017
By jessilynn33 SILVER, East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
jessilynn33 SILVER, East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
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mad is how i feel when i see you with her
sad is how i feel when i acknowledge we are over
hopeless is how i feel as i watch you love her from a distance
always at a distance
never in my reach
there was a time i got too close
i had put myself in the vicinity of pain
at first i caught the agony by a glimpse
next i was being strangled by misery
love is a predator
and i allowed myself to be the prey
now i have sworn myself off from such a passionate array of feelings
you damaged my soul with harsh intentions
i fancy the devotion you once felt towards me
now your adoration is only for her
all these overwhelming feelings of mine
oppress me to no end
submerged in confusion
how can you be the answer
when you leave me without a clue
love and hate
are two contradictory feelings
they battle each other inside my heart
as my mind endures the trauma
i am engulfed in pain
while you are always in the distance
yet the thought of you
always in my grasp

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