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What You Told Me

November 26, 2017
By jessilynn33 SILVER, East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
jessilynn33 SILVER, East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
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you told me I would have to change
In order for things to be the same again
love has always been the game I cannot win
and I wish you would come around
because my thoughts are pulling me down
feels like I am drowning
in the emptiness you once filled
praying for your forgiveness
while resisting the urge to reach out to you
because you do not want me to
sadness inflicts me like a sickness
I did you so wrong, I only want to make it right
I do not want to give you space
I cannot change
all I want is for the silence between us to be filled
to end the fight
so that maybe you will see I love you
I want you to know I think about it all the time
and I am full of regrets
wishing I made different decisions when it came to you
cause if I did you would still love me too
there would no longer be a one-way street of feelings between us
my life is crumbling beneath me
I could use stability
I could use you in my life
every day until the end
so I could kick this sickness
never let it return again

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