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November 19, 2017
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when a flame is smothered,

it collapses on itself,

like hopes and dreams that were crushed

under the falling reality.

they say that who i love,

is not the way "love" works

and that i should burn,

like the witches of Salem as the fire consumed them


girls like boys

and boys like girls.

that's how "love" works.

love is not the spark of happiness i get when i see her.

love is not the comfort i get 

when i wrap my arms around her.

love is not the bright smile i get when i see her.

love is not the inside jokes we share

when we make memories

that will last an eternity.

love, they say,

is the feeling of crashing waves,

water pushing its way into your lungs

as people tell you to come to the surface,

but you can't swim.

love, they say,

is the darkness that eats you from the inside out,

forcing you into a box of lies and misery.

love, they say,

are the handcuffs that chain me to this web of masks.

love, they say,

is the pain and the tears and the sadness

you get

from ever 

imagining a future with him.

they told me that i will never understand love,

because girls cannot love other girls.

because my love is wrong.

because i am wrong.

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hope.b said...
today at 5:31 pm
I love this. This is revolutionary. You are a legend.
DarkPoet said...
today at 12:46 pm
nice poetry my work is the reverse of your work But overall i enjoyed it
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