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November 30, 2017
By sophiachifici BRONZE, New Orleans , Louisiana
sophiachifici BRONZE, New Orleans , Louisiana
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Joy in NOLA


I am from board games, Deanies, and Mendez
I am from the home of all homes, always loud and dazzling
I am from the white roses, magnolias, and orchids
I am from extravagant Christmas parties, brown and hazel eyes, from Betty, Cliff, and Barbara
I am from the always running late, and always forgetting something at home
From the say your prayers before dinner, and the feeding your stale bread to the ducks
I am from Millie Street, in the backyard with the sprinkler
I am from roast and gravy, triple layer lasagna, and homemade hazelnut pie
From the dropped desserts on Christmas Eve, the adventure on Crab Island, and the lizard-chasing uncle
I am from a coop filled with many chickens, and more than seven houses that have felt like a home
I am from Wednesday evenings filled with laughter and tears
I am from a place where being crazy is normal, and where the memories are kept in our minds and in boxes

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