November 29, 2017
By Emmap2550 GOLD, New York City, New York
Emmap2550 GOLD, New York City, New York
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You said I was acting strange
You said I wasn’t myself
You said that people were talking
You said you couldn’t be my friend
You didn’t notice

She told me I was shutting everyone out
She told me I was being rude
She told me that no one liked me
She told me she couldn’t be my friend
She didn’t notice

He acted like I wasn’t normal
He acted like he didn’t know me
He acted like I wasn’t there
He acted like we were never friends
He didn’t notice

They pretended I didn’t exist
They pretended I didn’t say anything
They pretended they didn’t see me
They pretended they weren’t my friends
They didn’t notice

I just stayed away from them
I just kept my distance from them
I just didn’t want to hurt them
I just feared what they would think
I just wanted them to notice

I just wanted them to realize the situation
I just wanted them to understand what I did
I just wanted them to comfort me
I just wanted them to be my friend
I just wanted them to notice

But you never noticed why I acted this way
But she never noticed what I was going through
But he never noticed the pain in my eyes
When they finally noticed,
I had gone.

The author's comments:

My main inspiration for this piece was thinking about all the discrimination teens go through and how the people around us either don't realize it or just pretend not to notice it. Teenagers go through a lot of cruelty from their peers in school or even their family and friends at home, and it's not right to let this happen. We should be confident to stand up for ourselves and one another. This hasn't happened so intensely to me yet, but I have been ignored before, yet I never felt such concentrated feelings like that in my poem. I have noticed how the teens surrounding me in school or on the bus are often really depressed or simply drowning in emotions, yet no one bothers to ask about their personal well-being. Many teens are forced to face these things by themselves because they are too scared of peer pressure and what othgers will think of them once they tell someone. This shouldn't be the case. I hope that people will understand that it's scary to be so alone, and sometimes it can drive teenagers to do horrifying things to themselves. I hope that we will learn to stand up for one another and notice whats going on around us.

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